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What is GIGSWAP..?

GIGSWAP is a brand new service and social media  for bands and artists of all genres, worldwide. We believe the future of the music industry is in connections and community. GIGSWAP will help you connect with other artists within your country, or around the world. The idea is that you share your audience with other bands within your genre. You can choose where you want to play a gig, and in return you share a gig in your city with your “swapped” band , 

We will provide you with a personal page and a band page where you can share your music and videos, and the best of all:

Where do you want to play?


Is your dream to play in Tokyo? Berlin? New York or a city near you? We aim to help you get there!

Why register?

By pre-registering here you will get the very latest updates about GIGSWAP up until the launch of the project. There are no other obligations in connection with the registration than that you will receive any mail from GIGSWAP.

Supercool for all pre-registered: Everyone who signs up before the launch of the main page, will get the standard premium package free of charge the first 30 days (value12$)

Special prize: Of all the preregistered we’ll pick one lucky winner who will get the standard premium package free of the charge for one year! This will be announced 10 days before launch. (Value 130$)

To get these benefits, and win the prize is only for complete registration, which includes filling out the form sent to your e-mail.

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