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Roadmanager, Booking, Band Manager
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Soaris is a project which has been behind closed doors for a few years, until we in 2018 became official. Soaris consist of 5 boys in their 20s who has a great passion for both old and new metal in almost every subgenre. Our drummer, Vebjørn provides Soaris with rehearsal rooms (we call it The Live Room), where we get to tune our live-performance&practice our songs , his own Studio with top notch equipment where we record our demos, a workshop where we repair or upgrade our instruments and mixers, and he even provides our manager with an office! All in his private house! With this opportunities Soaris gets to practice, make plans&meetings, record etc. anytime they want. Therefore Soaris can show for real quality material and liveshows! With hard and focused work comes big dreams and goals. We have always said that our ultimate dream is to get the chance to travel the world an play shows. Anywhere from Germany to Japan to America.

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